Feb. 27th, 2015

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Olivia is remembering experiences she's never had and having dreams she shouldn't be dreaming. The two universes are colliding in rural Vermont. Are these two bizarre phenomena related--or aren't they? Stay tuned.

Now, I'm not a physicist, but doesn't it stand to reason that if two universes were to collide, the result would not be this wishy-washy, on-off, halfway stuff. At best, these people would be dead; at worst their matter would explode. As in KA-BOOM! Besides, a man with two irises couldn't see straight. A woman with two sets of teeth in one jaw couldn't talk right. And a man who sprouted a second head would not be stumbling around like a zombie!

Aside from the crazy-ass physics, there is much medical fail in this episode. For one thing, Walter might have been able to do a direct transfusion from person to person but unless there was heparin in that IV bag, his blood would clot before it reached the victim. For another, how is it that in no time at all, Walter was able find double the usual number of chromosomes in the woman's blood? That's quite some laboratory set-up for a little rural high school.

I can keep doing this all night because this episode made no-sense-at-all. But it didn't need to, did it? Its plot is designed to foreshadow the eventual disappearance of this timeline's Olivia Dunham.

 photo d2a738c4-bf11-4304-8956-136a3c0f847b_zpscqzxskw0.jpg

Writer: Graham Roland, J.R. Orsi
Director: David Straiton
Originally aired: 10 February, 2012

The Fringe team investigates a commercial plane crash in rural Vermont that features bizarre electro-magnetic disturbances. In service of the plot, Walter, Peter and Olivia drive to the small town of Westfield, Vermont--and find they can't leave. They discover to their horror that the town's residents have nearly all died or gone crazy or both. Using some very questionable science, Walter deduces that the Westfield in this universe has merged with the Westfield in the other universe, with catastrophic consequences.

Most Memorable Quote:
OLIVIA: No becau...(slurred) Oh, Peter, I don't know how to explain it, but that feels like there was somebody else in my, uh -- in my head. Here... take this. (relinquishes her weapon) I – I - I'm scared that -- that what's happening to the other people in this town is happening to me.

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There's probably plenty of shippy Peter/Olivia post-eps. I haven't read them.


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