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Fringe Rewatch: Season Two Schedule

Here is the promised schedule for season two, which has 23 episodes. We'll begin in just over a week, skip July 4, and continue on through the second week of September. I'm working on a new promotional banner.

I've re-watched seasons one, three and most of four for fic writing, but this is my first rewatch of season two, so I'm excited. I've been debating whether or not we should just combine both parts of "Over There" into one post. Anyone have a preference?

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July 1- "A New Day in the Old Town"

July 8- "Night of Desirable Objects"

July 11- "Fracture"

July 15- "Momentum Deferred"

July 18- "Dream Logic"

July 22- "Earthling"

July 25- "Of Human Action"

July 29- "August"

August 1- "Snakehead"

August 5- "Grey Matters"

August 8- "Johari Window"

August 12- "What Lies Beneath"

August 15- "The Bishop Revival"

August 19- "Jacksonville"

August 22- "Peter"

August 26- "Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver."

August 29- "White Tulip"

September 2- "The Man from the Other Side"

September 5- "Brown Betty"

September 9- "Northwest Passage"

September 12- "Over There" Part 1 (and Part 2?)

September 16- "Over There" Part 2 (or combined with Part 1)

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I like the idea of an "Over There" mega post, because I don't really separate the story into two parts in my mind anyways.