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 And here it is. One of the best hours of entertainment in the history of serialized television, the tipping point for all the drama and incredible character development that is to come, not to mention the set up for the now inevitable first contact with the Alternate Universe. This is the episode where the characters catch up to us, the audience, and learn the same secret we've known since the end of last season: that Peter is a changeling, that the reason he has nightmares and can't remember his childhood is because he was stolen from his family, from his friends, from his his father. 
This is also the hour  the rest of the season has had us waiting for, making us hold our breath before the plunge.  It's a way back to the greatest moments of season one, through Olivia's bravery, through her willingness to sacrifice her own wellbeing and confront the abuses that marked her childhood for the good of the world. 
This is Jacksonville. 

Writer: Zack Stentz; Ashley Miller
Director: Charles Benson
Originally Aired: 4 Feb. 2014

A violent tremor shakes an office building leaving only one survivor. Walter surmises that what shook the building was not geologic. With another catastrophe imminent, the team searches for an answer in Jacksonville in an effort to save hundreds of people from certain death.
Most Memorable Quote:
OLIVIA: I have a freakishly good memory. I remember everything. But not this. There's just nothing that's familiar.
PETER: Maybe that's a good thing.
WALTER: Anything?
OLIVIA: Nothing. Now what? Should we find some more kids to scare?

Polite Dissent, with which I vehemently disagree (first two sentences).

STANDBY, by CiderApples. If you haven't read this, what have you been doing with your life?
Also about a thousand others. Seriously. This is where Fringe Fic booms.
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 And Fringe goes Nazi. Well, kind of. I'm no scientist  and frankly, while YMMV,  I long ago decided not to care wether or not the scientific component of the show managed to be accurate. It became clear to me throughout the duration of season 1 that the writers didn't care either, so why stress? The cool thing about Fringe is that it manages to suspend our disbelief even with these gaping holes in logic. The whole point of it, and part of the larger message, is BELIEVE. Everything is possible with enough imagination. 
Anyway, back to our topic of the day. This episode manages to turn a seemingly overdone premise into something a bit more interesting, as it is made apparent that Fringe Science and its consequences are not only global but hereditary: a story of fathers and sons, like the show itself. It recontextualizes the Immortal Nazi Villain as a contemporary of Walter's father (whose grave mysteriously gives his date of death as a year before Walter himself is born, back in The Arrival: another plot that I sense was dropped in the way) who, learning that Walter is alive, seeks revenge, while attempting to accomplish Hitler's master plan one cocktail party at a time. 
Regardless of how flat it seems when compared to some of Fringe's most brilliant episodes (coughJacksonvilleIsNextcough), it still makes for an entertaining hour of television, and gives us some good character moments and parallels between the Bishop men: Walter's dismay at finding that his father's work is killing innocents, like Peter has felt since the beginning; Peter's regret at the way in which he treated his father and his belongings, in his anger, much like Walter now thinks of the Walter of old, and his disregard of his wife and son. 


Writer: Robert Chiappetta; Glen Whitman
Director: Adam Davidson
Originally aired: 28 Jan 2010
A group of guests at a wedding suffocate from the inside out and the team investigates how the toxin was delivered and targeted. The wedding ceremony may be another testing ground for weaponized fringe science. Walter believes the formula may link to a branch in the Bishop family tree. The threat of more deadly attacks and family ties to the case mobilizes the entire Division.
Most Memorable Quote: 
PETER: You're not gonna find those books in there. (boxes)
WALTER: Oh, no, no. They will be here. These are all the books in my library.
PETER: No, they won't. (stops the box search) Walter. They're not in there. I sold those books. All of them. About ten years ago. (regretful)
WALTER: You sold them. Why?
PETER: I needed money.
WALTER: Money? They were my books. (growing anger) He left them to me. He knew how dangerous they were.
PETER: The odds that this case has anything to do with your father's work --
WALTER: (snapping) The very thing that he was trying to stop, you put back into the world.
PETER: We don't know that for sure.
WALTER: Yes, we do! Of course we do. How else would whoever is doing this have gotten hold of the formula? And because I failed to protect it, my father's work is killing people. (very disappointed)
Stories From The White; The Blue; and The Red, by Rainer76  (contains spoilers for later seasons).


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