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 Disclaimer:  Your very overworked mods, myself included, have decided to put this episode in with the rest of season one because, although it aired during season two, it is an outtake of the first one, and the format of the episode fits much better with it. Also, Charlie is still around, all happy gruffness and unmodified red blood cells, which has caused confusion more than once in fandom. 
So. As part of the 5 seasons of Fringe, there's a bunch of cases of the week that are, lets say, sub-par...and then there's this one. It is lacklustre in almost every aspect you can think of, except, perhaps, characterization, which I believe is one of the reasons it was pushed back to season 2 - on Walter's side, it deals with God and spirituality and hints towards  his want of redemption for the stealing of Peter, which was only made evident by the season 1 finale; and Peter and Olivia's dynamic is closer to the one present in the middle portion of season 2, with Peter taking on the role of her confidant after Charlie's death, than it is to that of the last few episodes of season 1. 
Writer: Andrew Kreisberg, David Goodman
Director: Frederick Toye
Originally aired: 11 Jan 2010
A teenage girl appears brain dead and her mother removes life support so donor organs can be harvested. Doctors operate quickly, but the girl revives and recites a classified alpha-numeric code from a nuclear submarine. As odd as her resurrection is, and that she is speaking Russian, her condition is not what it seems - as she begins to satisfy her own agenda. This episode was filmed in 2009 during Season 1, but was left unaired until 2010.
Most Memorable Quote: 
WALTER: (announcing on the old film) Hello, I'm Doctor Walter Bishop. This is Test Subject Number Six.
PETER: (to his father) What happened to Subjects One through Five?
WALTER: (to his son) I believe the university settled with them out of court. They probably never had to work again. Not that they could. (continues to explain to all, as the film runs) I was asked to design an experiment to test whether cranial manipulation could increase a person's psychic capability. I applied electrical stimuli to various parts of the brain and measured each psychic response. The point is that my tests proved that manipulation of Broca's Area had the most dramatic effect on a person's ability to create psychic bonds.
OLIVIA: (playful) I'm just waiting to see if lightning strikes you.
PETER: (chuckles) Yeah. I -- yeah. I mean, who am I to say? Maybe there is actually something to it. People are free to believe whatever they want, right? Lisa's mother certainly does. However, until I see it with my own eyes, I'm gonna put my money on healthy skepticism. (takes a slow sip of beer) You're obviously a believer.
OLIVIA: My mother believed in God, but all the praying in the world didn't stop my stepfather from terrorizing her. And her faith just seemed to put her in harm's way. I'm worried that Lisa's mother is going to do the same thing. (answers cell phone, stands and walks) Dunham. Hello?


If you know of any good post-eps, let us know in comments. For the moment, nothing rings a bell ;)


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