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If anyone is interested in doing a Fringe gift exchange this year, let me know by leaving a comment here or (preferably) at [community profile] fringe_exchange.

In other news, I'm working on our ♥ ♥ ♥ season three ♥ ♥ ♥ schedule. Look for it by the weekend at the latest. We'll probably skip a week and start again the beginning of October.

Now I'm off to watch "Over There," Parts 1 and 2. I can't believe we're nearly done with season two.

Season Two

Jun. 30th, 2014 11:36 am
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Just a quick reminder that season two begins tomorrow with "A New Day in the Old Town." We're finally getting to the episodes I'm been wanting to see again. We'll skip July 4 and then resume on July 8 with "Night of Desirable Objects." The full schedule is posted here: Season Two Schedule.

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There are more banners behind the cut if you want to help get the word out. Those season two promotional photos are so pretty. I may have gotten a little carried away )
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Due to unforeseen circumstances, this community will be taking a one week break. We are on hiatus through May 11 and will resume our rewatch on Tuesday, May 13 with "Bound."

Here is the revised schedule:

May 13: 1x11 "Bound"

May 16: 1x12 "The No-Brainer"

May 20: 1x13 "The Transformation"

May 23: 1x14 "Ability"

May 27: 1x15 "Inner Child"

May 30: 1x16 "Unleashed"

June 3: 1x17 "Bad Dreams"

June 6: 1x18 "Midnight"

June 10: 1x19 "The Road Not Taken"

June 13: 1x20 "There's More Than One of Everything"

I'm truly sorry if this inconveniences anyone in the community. In any case, the break will allow any latecomers to catch up with us.
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Yeah, kind of a boring one. I have no skills. If anyone wants to make a better one, leave it in the comments and I'll edit it into the post.

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Every Tuesday and Friday, beginning April 1

Image courtesy of [tumblr.com profile] cortexiphancaps.
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Welcome to [community profile] fringe_rewatch. Beginning in April, we will be watching and discussing two episodes per week. One of the moderators will put up the discussion post at the designated time. You can watch the episode at your leisure, and then join up with us to talk about it.

Membership is open, and you can choose to participate at any time. Posting access is limited to the moderators.

Introduce Yourself
Season One Rewatch Schedule
Season Two Rewatch Schedule
Season Three Rewatch Schedule
Season Four Rewatch Schedule
Season Five Rewatch Schedule

Since this is a rewatch community, you can expect there will be spoilers in the comment threads.

Please help us publicize the community. A banner for that purpose will appear just as I soon can make one--or talk someone with actual skills into making one. Feel free to volunteer.


In summary,

OMIGOD, we're really doing it.



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