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While it was filming, Fringe was generally spoiler-light. That never mattered much to me until the back half of the fourth season, when a leaked photo of David Call on site lifted me out off my considerable...let's go with "agitation"...over certain s4 developments.

Then I spent the whole episode keening "Niiiiiiiick!" And surprisingly, "alt-Niiiiiick!"

And then my heart broke forever when the Bridge closed, the end.

Writer: Graham Roland (story), Matt Pitts (teleplay), Nicole Phillips (teleplay)
Director: Chuck Beeson
Originally aired: April 27, 2012

Synopsis: Both universes begin sharing aligned disasters and it becomes apparent that David Jones is using the Cortexiphan talent from Olivia's youth to draw both universes into the same gravitational space. Fringe Divisions generate a shared investigation and come to a terrible decision - they need to end the alliance they have fostered and terminate the healing influence of the Wave Sink Device.

Most Memorable Quote:
WALTER: I think I shall miss them... more than I imagined.

Me too, Walter.

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Stories on AO3 that reference this episode here and here.

But what I want, what I really really want, is that Season 4.5 where Olivia et al actually follow up on all those lost Cortexikids and bring them home.

Date: 2015-04-05 05:17 am (UTC)
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Let's put it this way:

Normally, I am spoiler-light. Going into 4x20 I knew what I'd picked up browsing review spoiler-cuts and AO3 tags.

After watching 4x20 between my fingers screaming OH FRINGE NO, I thoroughly spoiled myself for S5, to evaluate the merits of keeping on in a post-4x15, post-4x17, post-4x20 Fringe universe.

"A Short Story About Love" found a way to harsh my Olivia/Happiness OTP vibe.

"Everything In Its Right Place" punched holes in my willingness to trust the writers knew what they were doing with the reboot.

"Worlds Apart" destroyed my belief the Fringe Powers That Be had any clue what elements of Fringe I enjoyed. The linked worlds, long slow relationship builds, Olivia Dunham kicking ass, exploring consequences and family and - I could go on.

So, I read summaries for Brave New World, and all of the fifth season. Its abbreviated nature was a plus, from my perspective: investing 43 minutes times 13 sounded like a better deal than 43 minutes times 22 episodes.

That's how I felt about Worlds Apart the first time I saw it.

On rewatching, if "Worlds Apart" hadn't made two hasty plot moves, I'd probably be more at peace with this episode.

1.) Separating the worlds: There was not nearly enough running around, trying Plan B and C and on until you're on Plan M or whatever "break the bridge" would be. That decision needed much more setup. "Welcome to Westfield" and "The Consultant" start that work, but for something as serious as ending a two season relationship between the two universes, I would've liked to see the bridge-break teased earlier.

2.) blueverse!Lincoln: As someone who free associates "home" with "My home is not a place, it is a person", I should be 100% on board with Lincoln's decision to jump universes in "Worlds Apart". But it's mired in the same over-hasty attempt to wrap up loose ends. Is Lincoln really seeing Olivia for who she is? It's hard to watch the end of "Worlds Apart" without recalling the messy and ambiguous conversations between Peter and Olivia - blueverse!Olivia - in the third season. I thought she was you, Olivia. Is Lincoln falling into that same pattern, reversed? Is he looking for the same person in another universe?

Fringe doesn't so much flip-flop on the correlation between individuals from other universe as renegotiate those relationships every single time the theme is explored. That negotiation is what's missing in the blueverse!Lincoln and redverse!Olivia relationship.

What's annoying is that, on rewatching, there's so much I ought to like outweighed by the very fast pacing, an attempt to get ten pounds of story into a five pound bag. Jones! The Bridge! Cortexikids! Finally, a little payoff for redverse!Lincoln recognizing Nick Lane in "Over There"! But I wish "Worlds Apart" had been spread out and set up a little better in the mid-season. A little less flying porcupine, a little cat and mouse with Jones, with hints of Bell pulling the strings, please.

But what I want, what I really really want, is that Season 4.5 where Olivia et al actually follow up on all those lost Cortexikids and bring them home.

On first viewing, I wondered why someone, on the Fringe or Massive Dynamic side, wasn't keeping an eye on the Cortexikids. On further reflection, there's not enough information to judge. Olivia ran away from the trials, and we don't know how other children's abilities manifested. It's not clear whether there were other fires, or how severe Cameron James' metal problems were during trials. If the children were judged mostly harmless when Walter and Belly were done violating most ethical standards known to clinical trials, they might have topped off their lack of good ethics with poor follow-up. Or if Bell's agents were keeping up a longitudinal study, off the books. Enter William Bell / David Robert Jones, activating the Cortexikids as adults. After the attempt to collapse the worlds, someone might check in to see how - and how many - Cortexikids Jones enlisted in his plans.

There's a lot that could have been done with the Cortexikids, but that doesn't seem to have been an avenue Fringe was interested in opening, unfortunately. (More room for fic!)
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Date: 2015-04-07 11:56 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] corwinofamber
This episode would have had a lot more impact if they'd spent more time through the season developing Over There, and cross universe relationships, instead of revisiting themes they'd already handled ad nauseam in previous seasons. I sat there as I was watching it, and said "I see what you're going for here, but you didn't invest time enough previously to make me feel it."


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