May. 12th, 2015

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I consider this episode to be the absolute nadir of the series, full of portentous dialogue, gross sentimentality, and terrible plotting. We finally get to watch Badass!Olivia out in the field doing something useful, and what does the writer have her do? Give a self-righteous lecture to someone about their belief system, for one. Walk right into a completely obvious trap, for another. At least she was allowed to get herself out of trouble.

Peter becoming an Observer was the worst plot device ever. That horrible montage of flashbacks, culminating in Peter sticking a knife in the back of his neck, was the last straw for me. If this series had not been ending in five episodes, I would have quit watching right there.

Here's an idea: why couldn't Walter, Astrid, and Olivia have tried to reason with Peter, get him to see that defeating the Observers was the only way to truly avenge the death of Etta? Why does everything on this series have to come down to pseudo-spiritual mumbo-jumbo? That's what this country needs to hear: more anti-intellectual claptrap. Thanks, Fringe!

 photo 43d6e462-f4b5-4ab5-9103-d1e9dba55e2c_zpsoxn4n3i9.png

Air Date: 7 Dec 12
Written by: Alison Schapker
Directed by: Dennis Smith
Synopsis: Olivia brings home another piece of equipment needed to defeat the Observers, but not before walking into a trap. Peter takes the Observer tech out of his brain just in time. My God! He was already starting to lose his hair!
Most memorable quote: I can't think of a single line worth remembering from this hot mess.

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Fanfiction: Let me know if you've read any, and I'll add it here.

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