May. 8th, 2015

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We're past the half-way point and I have to say, even the second time through, this is still a disappointment. Who these Observers are, compared to who they were, or least who they appeared to be, still doesn't add up for me. I feel like there must have been some intermediate steps that got missed/left out because of the abbreviated season and end of the series. Despite having a limited number of episodes, the storytelling is flabby. There are too many scenes of people having important emotions and talking about their feelings, and not enough action, which is true for the entire season, imho. The world-building is more about how it looks for the camera than about creating a coherent post-apocalyptic world. So far, Olivia hasn't been given much of anything to do except stand around and react to things. I don't like that. I don't like any of it.

 photo 565640b5-196b-4ce0-9ae2-8c9de51f9ee8_zpseuoxgvyd.png

Writer: Graham Roland
Director: Eagle Eglisson
Originally aired: 16 Nov 12

Synopsis: Walter worries that he's going to turn back into his old self because the missing pieces of his brain were restored. In his quest to avenge Etta, Peter is becoming that which he means to destroy: an Observer. Olivia worries that she's losing Peter again. Peter is losing his hair! Meanwhile, the team continues to assemble the pieces to Walter's plan to save humanity.

Most Memorable Quote:
WALTER: My Bowie... he stole it. It's not enough that he institutionalized me, betrayed our friendship, but he pilfered my record collection as well!

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