Mar. 31st, 2015

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Before the rewatch began last year, I'd wondered if I'd still hate all of the things I hated about season four the first time around or if the passage of time would ease the feeling of betrayal. Long story short, it didn't, and I do. Hate all of the same things.

"That's just the way you are, babe," said [personal profile] idunnoh, my husband and fellow Fringe fan.

"Brave New World" gives us one more Mad Scientist episode to finish out the season. At least they're consistent? William Bell's explanation that Walter might have been playing God, but that Bell himself is God--that's pretty much a textbook definition for insanity.

In a two-part episode filled with Big Moments, the biggest reveal was that William Bell was behind everything. I have to admit, I really did not see that one coming, though in my defense, Bell was supposed to be dead. What is this, The X-Files? Walter's explanation for how he knew that William Bell, rather than David Robert Jones, was the architect of the nanites is beyond my comprehension.

Other things: Olivia and Peter are pregnant. That was telegraphed a few episodes back, and then again when Olivia mentions in part one that she wants their new house to have a nursery.

ASTRID GOT SHOT! I was scared. I was so afraid they'd decided to kill her off instead of renewing her contract.

And then there's the ending:
WALTER: I don't suppose you're here for a sandwich.
THE OBSERVER: We have to warn the others. They are coming.
WALTER: Who's coming?

Especially now that Leonard Nimoy is gone, it's nice to have his last performance as William Bell to look back on. He's a convincing megalomaniac.

 photo 8a931e2e-0578-4edc-83b2-9468a93fc4be_zps73x32b0p.jpg

Writer: Jeff Pinkner, Akiva Goldsman, Joel Wyman
Director: Joe Chapelle
Originally aired: 11 May 2012

Synopsis: Olivia has been turned into a universe-collapsing machine by a combination of cortexiphan saturation and emotional overload. Weirdly, she looks exactly the same on the outside even while she is busy destroying the universe with her special powers. It's all because William Bell has lost his mind and decided he's God. Walter saves the day by killing Olivia, which makes everything go back to what passes for normal in the Fringe universe. Walter then brings her back to life by removing the bullet from her brain, which then heals itself because of the cortexiphan. It doesn't make sense. None of it, not one word.
Most Memorable Quote:
WILLIAM BELL: Walter, this was all your idea. Peter died -- twice. You hated God. "What kind of God would cause so much suffering?" That's what you said. So much pain. You decided to create a universe that would operate by your rules. And then, when you realized that you were smart enough to do it, you got scared. You asked me to cut out a portion of your brain.
WILLIAM BELL: Yes, Walter. We cut those ideas out of your head to literally put 'the Genie' back into the bottle. Then I grew older. I grew cynical. I grew cancer. Then I realized that dosing myself with Cortexiphan would slow it down. But slowing is not stopping. For me, it's just a matter of time. The clock is ticking. Tick, tick, tick, tick. And that's when it occurred to me. You were right, Walter. Walter, you were right, right, right. Every rant you ever went on made perfect sense. Suddenly, I understood not just you - but everything. (profound reflection) God made us in his image. If that is so, if we are capable of being Gods, then it is our destiny to do so.

Transcript: Part 1 | Part 2
EW: Part 1 | Part 2
Pop Culture Nexus
Polite Dissent

Fanfiction: Yes, quite a bit--for this fandom. Here's a not-quite-random sampling. Please let me know if you have a rec or a self-rec to add to the list.
World of Never-Ending Happiness by tilden
Summary:Peter's off balance, figuratively and literally.
Loose Tonight by beautyofsorrow
Summary: post-Brave New World and demons haunt the air. There's lots to sort out.
Grace by Monanotlisa
Summary: "Or maybe it's not only his doing alone, although following a chain of causality means leaving the realms of logic to enter the realms of ethics. And there, Walter is a stranger and always has been."

So that's it for season four. I guess we'll start up again with season five (which is looking better by comparison). As soon as we figure out a schedule, I'll post it.


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