Mar. 25th, 2015

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While it was filming, Fringe was generally spoiler-light. That never mattered much to me until the back half of the fourth season, when a leaked photo of David Call on site lifted me out off my considerable...let's go with "agitation"...over certain s4 developments.

Then I spent the whole episode keening "Niiiiiiiick!" And surprisingly, "alt-Niiiiiick!"

And then my heart broke forever when the Bridge closed, the end.

Writer: Graham Roland (story), Matt Pitts (teleplay), Nicole Phillips (teleplay)
Director: Chuck Beeson
Originally aired: April 27, 2012

Synopsis: Both universes begin sharing aligned disasters and it becomes apparent that David Jones is using the Cortexiphan talent from Olivia's youth to draw both universes into the same gravitational space. Fringe Divisions generate a shared investigation and come to a terrible decision - they need to end the alliance they have fostered and terminate the healing influence of the Wave Sink Device.

Most Memorable Quote:
WALTER: I think I shall miss them... more than I imagined.

Me too, Walter.

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Stories on AO3 that reference this episode here and here.

But what I want, what I really really want, is that Season 4.5 where Olivia et al actually follow up on all those lost Cortexikids and bring them home.


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