Mar. 24th, 2015

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In "Letters of Transit," Fringe gives fair warning about its final season, a warning I chose to ignore at the time. But now we know that it sets up the events of season five, and belongs more to that season than the season it aired in. I have no idea why the writers do these things.

We meet Peter and Olivia's daughter, we find out what the Observers are really up to, and we find out why Walter Bishop had those bits of his brain excised. What an arrogant asshole he must have been back in the day!

The title is a reference to the movie Casablanca. We get it, writers. The Observers are the bad guys now. The giant floating text scrolling by at the very beginning giving us the background info is a reference to Star Wars Episode Four. Damn it. WE KNOW! The Observers=The Evil Empire. Good grief.

 photo 4a56c343-e46a-43c1-aa59-304c4a760d33_zpsdkusjobe.jpg

Writer: Akiva Goldsman, J.H. Wyman, Jeff Pinkner
Director: Joe Chappelle
Originally aired: April 20, 2012

Synopsis: It's 2036. The Observers have taken over the world. Though nominally working for Philip Broyles who heads the police force charged with containing the native population, Agent Etta Bishop is secretly a member of the Resistance. For years, she has been searching for the original Fringe team and as the episode opens, she finds Walter Bishop and with the help of Simon,another member of the resistance, manages to free him from the Amber. Before her source can lead her to the other members, he's killed. Walter is brain damaged and can't help. Etta and her colleague Simon decide to travel into the city and break into the old headquarters of Massive Dynamic to retrieve the missing pieces of Walter's brain in the hope that replacing it will regenerate his damaged brain tissue. It works. He gets really smart again, and really mean. Eventually, we find Astrid, Peter, Walter and Etta reunited, and Simon sacrificed for the cause. But where's Olivia? Oh, and Etta has a special power: she can shield her mind from being read by the Observers.

Most Memorable Quote:
"They weren't all bad, you know. One of them even tried to help us. He was called September. What happened to him was... well, unexpected. He told me that, in the year 2609 A.D., they finally ruined the planet. They poisoned it -- the air, the water. And when it was fundamentally uninhabitable, then they traveled back through time, and took our planet from us." - Walter (to Henrietta and Simon, providing pivotal knowledge that explains the invasion strategy)

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Anyone? I didn't read much fanfic for this, or Season Five for that matter.
EDITED TO ADD: Into Your Hideout by CorwinofAmber.


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