Mar. 20th, 2015

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I don't have anything much to say about this episode. The theme, that parents will do anything to save their children, even betray their country and put their entire world at risk, is not exactly ground-breaking. I was happy to see Walter making progress toward independence.

I'm bored and irritated with Agent Lee's story line. Did I mention that one of the things I wish we'd found out was why AltLivia and Frank broke up in this timeline? Without her falling for Peter (and getting pregnant with him) to put distance between the couple, I'm at a loss, except that the writers clearly wanted it to advance their AltLivia/Blu!Lincoln pairing. And an appearance from Charlie Francis would have been a nice touch, especially at Lincoln's funeral. Charlie's absence at that event is inexplicable and he could have been much more of a comfort to AltLivia than Agent Lee, whom she hardly knows. I'm just never going to give him a break, am I?

I was unconvinced by the apartment scenes between AltLivia and Walter. I know I'm supposed to but I can't believe in a friendship between those two characters.

The episode's a placeholder to me, nothing more.

R.I.P. Captain Lincoln Lee. You are missed.

 photo d789fb69-55d7-4f5e-962f-fb595c22b9c6_zps5yshzhff.jpg

Written by: Christine Lavaf
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Air Date: 13 Apr 2012

Summary: The episode opens with Captain Lincoln Lee's funeral and ends with Colonel Broyles sitting in a jail cell, across the hall from "Meena" Sharp. Not a good year for the Redverse Fringe Division. The Good News: Walter made a trip to the Other Side and nothing terrible happened. The Bad News: It's looking more and more like Blu!Lincoln isn't ever coming home. Oh yeah, and David Robert Jones has something much worse in store, for both universes.

Most memorable quote:
Agent Lee: "You couldn't bring over a casserole, but a severed hand is okay?"

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Fanfiction: I'll try to find some this weekend. Let us know in comments if you have recs.


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