Mar. 18th, 2015

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Time does not heal all wounds. I'm the moderator and I couldn't make myself rewatch this turd—that's how much I hated this episode. I couldn't even make myself look at the goddamned screen caps. I despise the title, with its implicit meaning--that they'd created my favorite character and made me love him, all along intending to kill him off so they could pair up the remaining characters.


I've never felt the same about this show since this episode aired. Just thinking about it puts me in a bad space and I can't have that right now. Sorry for the lateness and the personal melodrama. I wish I could have done better.

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Fucktards responsible for this piece of crap:
Written by: J.R. Orci (story & teleplay); Matthew Pitts (story); David Fury (teleplay)
Directed by: David Moxness
Original air date: 06 Apr 12

Summary: I don't remember anything except that Captain Lee is killed in the line of duty, which clears the way for Agent Lee to stay on the other side for awhile to "help out." I don't want to begrudge the man his chance for happiness--but I kind of do anyway. Does the episode tie in with the rest of the season or clear up any loose plot threads or do anything useful? You'll have to tell me.

IGN review
Den of Geek
Entertainment Weekly

Understandably, there was some very fine fanfic written for this episode, by all of the usual suspects.
Most recent fic that I've read: Run This Town by Sprocket was written for last year's [community profile] fringe_exchange. It's a very well-conceived and well-written casefile.


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