Mar. 10th, 2015

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 Ah, the fresh smell of bullshit on a fine televised evening. My opinion of this particular episode is divided in two: the first part of that opinion states, clearly, that this may very well be the single most cringe-worthy hour of television to ever come from the likes of beautiful, full-of-mismanaged-potential FRINGE. The second part.....reminds me that half my heart is not objective, and likes to pretend that only the last minute of this episode exists. Because. [I mean, it's a twirly kiss scene nicely sponsored by Nissan Leaf. What more could you want *Mocks self*]

To quote my fellow reviewer, Wendy, this middle stretch of episodes in season 4 marks "the end of any pretence that the Fringe myth arc is coherent and internally consistent." I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, as the plot-oriented writing takes a sharp turn for the worst in between 4x09 and 4x16. It's heavy handed and full of plot holes. I must say, though, that in my case this is only so in regards to season 4. While the other seasons had their ups and downs, they were more or less internally coherent and the character development was always divine. I do not believe one can expect continuos peak performance of anything, least of all a television show under heavy threat of cancellation, and with new additions to the writing department that have not seen our characters grow with us [looking at you Fury]. However, I must give criticism where it is due, and I feel that this is a stretch of episodes where someone really dropped the ball from pretty high up.

My biggest criticism is that they had a superbly done arc finale (and I call it an "arc" instead of a season because seasons 1-3 were really just the first chapter in what could have been a long, long series, in an ideal world) in "The Day We Died," which, by virtue of its openness could have paved the way for SO. MANY. THINGS. And yet...and yet. 

Oh, well. They kissed and all was well for about 5 seconds [insert eye-rolling here]. Moving on...

Also, because I can't help myself(and in cases of abject plot-related terror, mock it, because what else is left):


Writers: Joel Wyman; Graham Roland [Sadly not your best moment, either of you]
Director: Joel Wyman [although, one has to admit, this is one visually pretty episode. Great composition].
Air Date: 23 March 2012

Peter is ready to abandon Boston and set-off for New York, wanting to avoid any influence he may have on Olivia's memory. A serial killer is using his proprietary knowledge of pheromones to lure and kill, all for want of love. The Observer finds a way to manipulate events and recontact Peter.

Most Memorable Quote:
WALTER: Mortius bestia -- roadkill. Specifically, an aromatic excretion from the castor sacs of the North American beaver used primarily for marking and mating. I went beaver hunting in Eastern Canada in the '70s. Of course, in those days, 'beaver' meant something else entirely.
[I think it says something about this episode that this is a memorable quote].

PopCultureNexus (seriously, go read it, it's awesome and its better written)
Polite Dissent

Fan Fiction
100% sure that there's a ton and no one needs help finding it. 98% sure that I wrote some. 


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