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I think of "The End of All Things" as the end of any pretense that the Fringe myth arc is coherent and internally consistent. The myth arc was already looking pretty frayed around the edges when Peter disappeared and came back with no explanation given. But September's speech in this scene makes it clear that the writers have lost track of where they've been and where they're headed as well.

THE OBSERVER: (1985 version) Forgive me, Doctor Bishop. I did not mean to disturb you. I am an admirer. (to Peter in the current timeline) Your father found the cure, but in my desire to witness the moment, I inadvertently distracted him from discovering it.
PETER: I already know all that. Walter told me, but what were you doing there?

Everyone following along already knows this, too. But the answer to the question should give us new and important information, right?
THE OBSERVER: (1985 version to Bishop) I'm sorry for disturbing you. (to Peter in the current timeline) It was important. You are important. (having returned to the spatial viewing platform) It was why I could not allow you to drown at the bottom of Reiden Lake, why it was necessary to allow the other Doctor Bishop to cure you instead. Despite my efforts to set things right, these actions only culminated in further corruption of the timeline. The war between the two universes drastically altered destinies and brought about a child that was not meant to be.
PETER: What child?
THE OBSERVER: Your son... Henry.
PETER: My what?
THE OBSERVER: He was born to the wrong Olivia Dunham due to a series of circumstances that never should have happened. This event... would have irrevocably altered everything that was to come.
PETER: (looks at an image of an infant manifested outside of the viewing platform) Henry. I have a son.
THE OBSERVER: Had. When you made the sacrifice to step into that machine, you were not the only one who ceased to exist. So would he. I believed at the time that would be the end of it. I cannot explain, but it is clear that I was wrong. You have managed to return in physical form. I suspect... this will provide an opportunity for you to put things right. She is the one... the Olivia Dunham from whom your shared future was meant to spring. This must be, and everything will be as it was intended. You must find a way... (alarmed) they are coming.

But...but... The war between the universes only occurred because of September's mistake. That is a given. September never explains why Peter is important--i.e. why September was in Walternate's lab in the first place--or why Henry's continued existence would have changed...anything, let alone everything.

In the original timeline, where Peter is cured by Walternate rather than Walter, Peter never would have met the Olivia Dunham of the Blueverse because he would have lived out his life in the Redverse. So why does September proclaim that the Amberverse Olivia (who according to September is really Blueverse Olivia) is the Olivia with whom Peter was meant to share a future? Meant by whom? Meant by God? Fate? September himself? Blueverse Peter died in childhood. Redverse Peter was never supposed to live in the Blueverse so how could Peter have been meant to be with Blueverse Olivia! THIS MAKES NO SENSE, SEPTEMBER Fringe writers.

September doesn't have a clue why Peter reappeared after the machine erased him. Nor do we. (Nor do the writers, apparently.) But this seems to imply that the true purpose of the machine was to eliminate Peter, but that he somehow got it to build the bridge before he was erased.

But hey, Peter and Olivia are back together again, so it's all good. September said it, so it must be true.

 photo 80e2145b-2dd6-4d71-b6c6-404a7efced45_zps42okjquo.jpg

Writer: David Fury
Director: Jeff Hunt
Originally aired: 24 Feb 2012

Olivia has been kidnapped by David Robert Jones, who forces her to watch him torture Nina Sharp in an effort to activate her powers. Except now Olivia barely remembers Nina Sharp because she's losing the memories of her present life. She tells David Robert Jones that without Peter at her side, she can't use her powers. Peter gets kidnapped and brought to her. Olivia proceeds to fry one of Jones's minions. Jones, Nina Sharp--who it turns out is in cahoots with Jones--and his remaining minion attempt to flee. Strangely, there is another Nina Sharp in FBI custody. Also, Walter is still blaming Peter for Olivia's memory issues. No, Walter. Don't blame poor Peter for this mess. It's those damn writers again.

Most Memorable Quote:
See above.

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