Mar. 2nd, 2015

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"How about a non-mad scientist who was trying to do good and had something go wrong?" - Wendelah complaining about the plethora of episodes about mad scientists on Fringe.

The moral is clear: be careful what you wish for. This week's episode is a creepy take on that theme featuring a scientist whose attempt at creating a better human being results in a brood of hive-minded murderers. I'd say something went wrong all right. Very wrong.

 photo 3ec78a6a-d5c6-4180-888b-add497eab72f_zpszdigi73q.jpg

Writer: Robert Chiappetta (story), Glen Whitman (story), Monica Owusu-Breen (teleplay), Alison Schapker (teleplay)
Director: Joe Chappelle
Originally aired: 17 February 2012

Synopsis: When an institutionalized schizophrenic patient describes a recent murder in detail, the Fringe team investigates. Olivia now remembers her three year relationship with Peter in vivid detail—except she's really only known him three months, so what's up with that, Fringe writers? Peter now believes she's his Olivia, too, which is convenient for all. Meanwhile, Walter and Agent Lee discover that the Cortexiphan stored at Massive Dynamic is missing—and that Olivia has recently been dosed with the drug.

Most Memorable Quote:
OWEN FRANK: (regarding his attempt to create a better human being) Can you imagine that? The hubris of trying to improve upon God?

Well, yeah, because it's a major theme of the series. This episode foreshadows the upcoming William Bell arc.

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