Feb. 25th, 2015

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"Making Angels" is notable for finally creating an episode in which Jasika Nicole gets to showcase her talent. Other than that, it's a particularly stupid variant of the Fringe mad scientist run amuck scenario.

I enjoyed it. Astrid was sadly underutilized during the course of the series. Unfortunately, this episode did not signal a course correction.

Yeah, I've got nothing. Edit: except fic recs! And I'm late with the post, too.

 photo 28d847e0-34c6-40b4-99bf-f67ce44beae3_zpsr0gysaly.jpg

Writer: Akiva Goldsman, Joel Wyman, Jeff Pinkner
Director: Charles Beeson
Originally aired: 03 Feb 2012

After the death of her father, the Other Side's Agent Farnsworth visits Astrid in this universe to talk about family issues. A former MIT professor, turned TSA Agent, uses his intellect, and an Observer device left behind by September at Reiden Lake, to play God with the lives of others. The Observers finally notice that September didn't follow orders. Peter isn't erased from existence. Whoops. I guess they've been busy mucking around in the future.

Most Memorable Quote:
ASTRID: Olivia told me about you. But it's nice to meet you personally in the flesh.
AGENT FARNSWORTH: (deadpan) All personal meetings are in the flesh.
ASTRID: Yes, I - I suppose they are.

A.V. Club
Polite Dissent

1. Not exactly a post-ep, but an AU Astrid-centric fic that I wish had been longer. I think it was written for a comment ficathon.
The Air There Breaks by ALC Punk. Summary: Astrid is magic and gets to save the universe.

2. Also not a post-ep but it's Alternate Astrid-centric. It features a rare pairing I happen to love.
Fraternization by kalisgirl. Summary: Astrid has always been different, but that doesn't mean she can't have what everyone else has.

3. A Yuletide fic from way back in 2010.
everything in its right place. How about that title, folks? This is Redverse Astrid. Summary: In the alternate universe, Astrid notices some changes in Agent Dunham.


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