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Like it's predecessor,  this is a rather plot heavy episode, and one of the few (and sometimes far between) highlights of the season. The exploration of the two universes both apart and in contrast with one another,  plays out beautifully, without heavy exposition. Pleasantly, this happens as a consequence of the overall plot, which is interspersed with wonderful character moments (DRJ's interrogation for one, and the ways in which Fringe Division on the other side seems to be able to combine, in its people,  the hard operator military bearing and though with the cunning one would more easily associate with spy craft. There is definitely a heavier intelligence aspect under the surface of the team we've been shown. Take, for instance, Altliv's marksmanship and its most common uses in the field as ways of dispatching an enemy quietly, from the shadows. Something more to explore).
The entirety of this season so far has made this version of Olivia seem much more detached than the one we're accustomed to. She seems to be more stoic, less prone to show her feelings, or act on them while in the field. While still definitely guided by her heart, she seems almost calculating at times. This episode,  in contrast, returns to an Olivia who is closer to ours, who is guided there by her own fear of mortality. She has also allowed this series of attacks and affronts by DRJ to  become personal, which I believe to be less frequent for this Olivia than it was for ours. 
Also central to these two episodes is the matter of trust: both in oneself and in the people around us. This will continue to be a central theme to season from here on.  
As an aside: it's interesting to me that these two episodes seem designed to show both how Peter has grown as a character and how he has remained the same. He wants so badly to be selfish, to do not be burdened with the responsibility of more worlds that he believes are not his own, and yet...and yet he helps, because he knows the danger DRJ presents to these people who are images of those he loves, and that love compels him to do right by them, in all their versions. It's a nice mirror to Olivia and Lincoln, who are both acting for personal reasons, Olivia perhaps more selfishly than Lincoln, as Lincoln seeks vengeance for his partner, and Olivia for what was done to her.  
In hindsight, my only wish is that the rest of the season had kept the balance demonstrated here. Alas, there's nothing to be done about it now, except WRITE ALL THE FIC. Yes?

Writer: Alison Schapker; Monica Owusu-Breen
Director: Joe Chappelle
Originally aired: 20 Jan 2012
Peter's gains support in the alternate universe and unites the two sides in an effort to eradicate the shapeshifter threat and their creator. Walter assesses his life and decides to participate in the effort.
Most Memorable Quote: 
LINCOLN LEE: And what is it you need? 
DAVID JONES: From you? Nothing. You don't have the authority. (willingly surrenders) Take me to your leader.
[One has to love Jared Harris smugly joyful delivery of this overdramatized line].
PETER: We're leaving. 
AGENT LEE: Wait a minute -- we might finally get some answers. We should stay here, and we should assist with the interrogation. 
PETER: No. I finally got Walternate to agree to help me. I don't think the way to say thank you is to tell him how to do his job. 
AGENT LEE: (pressuring) So that's it. Yeah, you... you got what you wanted. 
PETER: Yes, I got what I wanted. And whatever he finds out in that interrogation he's gonna share with you. So you got what you came for. And now all I want to do is get back to the other side, study the blueprints -- 
AGENT LEE: I need to be a part of this investigation. I lost a partner. (micro perspective) 
PETER: I lost a universe! (macro perspective) 
[Yeah, dude, Lincoln, I'm sorry but the scale of your grievances does not compare].
Not nearly enough. NOT. NEARLY. ENOUGH.


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