Feb. 10th, 2015

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In the original version of The Invisible Man, the novel by H.G. Wells, the scientist turns invisible after he experiments on himself; however, "Wallflower" is a Fringe episode, so naturally the test subject is a child, in this case, a terminally ill infant. Shortly after his supposed death from an unknown genetic disorder, infant Eugene was kidnapped by a subsidiary of Massive Dynamic, and turned into a captive, human guinea pig. Eventually, he manages to escape and is presumed dead in a laboratory fire.

He makes a home for himself that resembles the laboratory he grew up in. He starts experimenting on himself, attempting to reverse what was done to him to become visible again. To get the skin pigment he needs for this process, he resorts to murder.

Almost from the day he was born, Eugene was treated as less than human. It comes as no surprise that he is willing to use other people, treating them as he was treated, seeing them as nothing more than a means to an end.

 photo 08b81fac-45f6-47b0-98dd-9988aefd8e40_zps6d38cfb8.jpg

Writer: Matt Pitts and Justin Doble
Director: Anthony Hemingway
Originally aired: November 18, 2011

Synopsis: Olivia is suffering from migraines, Agent Lee is having insomnia, Peter is trying to get back to where he's from, and Astrid is seeing a therapist to cope with job stress. Oh, and an invisible entity is killing people and turning them white in the process. Fringe Division investigates.

Also, is Nina Sharp evil in this timeline? That last plot twist was a corker!

Most Memorable Quote:
OLIVIA: Do we have a name?
ASTRID: Uh-huh. Baby Boy Bryant. According to this, the blood sample we found at the crime scene belonged to a baby born on July 26, 1989, at Parkview Hospital in New York. And he died four days later -- July 30, 1989.
WALTER: Well, that's quite a quandary. Perhaps we're looking for a ghost after all.

Entertainment Weekly
Polite Dissent
A.V. Club

Not that I'm aware of. Here's my headcanon/plot bunny: Eugene wasn't just kidnapped and experimented on by Evil Scientists, his "unknown genetic disorder" was engineered by those same scientists to turn him into their ideal test subject.


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