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I suppose I should make a confession. I started this rewatch because I needed to research the series for a long crossover fic, which is set during season four, post-"One Night in October." I still haven't written past the opening chapter but now that we've reached this point, maybe that will get me writing again.

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The episode fits well into the overarching themes of Fringe. Because they are working the same case, we get to compare and contrast the two Olivias. We find out another divergence from the original timeline: this Olivia Dunham didn't just shoot her stepfather, she killed him. This timeline's Olivia was kidnapped and replaced by the Other Side's Olivia but now I'm wondering if she was experimented on, or if she was, was it in the same way. On rewatch, it's not clear to me if she has a prior history with their Fringe division. Maybe she wasn't brainwashed into thinking she was their Olivia and was simply imprisoned the entire time? Please, discuss. Help me out here, folks.

Since Sarah Stegall's website is offline, I'm just going to use the quote from her SFScope review that's in Wikipedia.
In what may well be the best-written episode of the entire show, Fringe brilliantly exploits its own alternate-world structure to show us the transformative power of love, a power so strong it can redeem the dark impulses that drive a fiend. And it does so with verve and heart, without sappy sentimentality. There is madness and love and tragedy and horror here, all seasoned by some fine performances and top notch writing.

What she said.

Writer: Alison Schapker and Monica Owusu-Breen
Director: Brad Anderson
Originally aired: September 30, 2011

Synopsis: The Other Side asks for the assistance of Fringe Division to catch a serial killer by bringing over his double--who happens to be a college professor and criminal profiler--to their universe, in the hope he'll provide new insight into the psyche of the murderer. All does not go as planned...

Most Memorable Quote:
PROFESSOR MCCLENNAN: (to Olivia) You know what they say. That even when it's the darkest, we can step into the light.
OLIVIA: (privately. walking the corridors) He knows what she taught him, but he can't remember who she is. How is that possible?
BROYLES: At the risk of sounding sentimental... I've always thought there were people who leave an indelible mark on your soul. An imprint that can never be erased.

Like Peter, perhaps? Subtle writers are subtle.

LA Times Recap
Entertainment Weekly
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 2.0—Fringe's "One Night in October". Sarah Stegall.
Thank God for the Wayback Machine.

Intersection by Kerwithyn. Two Olivias in one place is a lot for Lincoln to cope with. This is part of a series.
Threat Assessment by yours truly. Crossover with The X-Files. Hired as a consultant, Mulder meets with Special Agent Olivia Dunham to get some answers about John McClennan.
put your quarter down on me by monanotlisa. This-our- Olivia may play her cards close to the chest. But know this: she does play.

Please leave other suggestions and I'll edit them into the post.


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